Perrier Nutrition Services

Leah can assist you in the following areas:

Nutrition Counseling

Healthy Nutrition services in VancouverWe all know that we should be ‘eating healthy’, but it can be challenging to decode the nutrition information that we have available to us. Leah can translate this information and create a personalized healthy eating strategy to help you reach your nutrition goals.

Leah Specializes in the Following Areas:

  • Weight Management
  • Feeding Babies, Children and Teens
  • Childhood Obesity
  • Family Nutrition: Meal Planning, Food Shopping & Preparation
  • Pregnancy Nutrition: Prenatal & Postnatal Nutrition
  • Eating for Optimal Energy & Vitality

She also provides counseling for: Sports & Exercise Nutrition, Heart Health (elevated cholesterol, triglycerides/blood pressure), Digestive Disorders (celiac, wheat/gluten intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome), Disordered Eating, Vegetarian Eating and Diabetes.

what you can expect…..

Appointments include a review of current eating and exercise habits, review of overall health status and identification of nutrition goals.  You will be given a personalized nutrition action plan to guide you on your way to developing life long healthy eating habits. Expect appointments to be 60 minutes.

Follow up sessions either in phone or in person can be scheduled for ongoing education and support.

Consultations are available for individuals, couples, and families

Sports Nutrition Counseling

Sports NutritoinA healthy diet and a tailored daily nutrition plan are essential steps towards improving and excelling the level of your athletic performance. The amount and type of foods and fluids consumed on a daily basis and during training will have a tremendous effect on your sports endurance and training results. Boost your performance with proper fuel!

Contact me for a customized sports nutrition plan..

Family Nutrition Package

Family Nutrition Packages The Family Nutrition Package provides practical nutrition solutions to families, enabling them to create lifelong healthy eating habits. Maybe you already have a general understanding of the basics of nutrition and cooking but can’t seem to get the weekday meals on the table. Or you find yourself dashing through the drive through more often that sitting down for a home cooked meal. Or perhaps your concerned about your child(ren)’s nutrition and have questions about how to guide them to make healthy choices. Leah will provide practical solutions to help you master the skills that your family needs to successfully reach their nutrition goals.

This package includes 4 (1hr) sessions with a Registered Dietitian incorporating the following:

  • Family Nutrition Assessment – this session includes a review your family’s current eating & exercise habits, and identification of nutrition goals for each member of the family.
  • Enjoying Healthy Food– this session will include an interactive information session on healthy eating patterns and strategies on how to choose and love good food.
  • Meal Planning  – this is a practical teaching session focusing on cooking and meal planning strategies. Organizing meals for the week will never seem easier!
  • Grocery Store Tour – Leah will take you through your favorite grocery store and teach you how to read labels, translate nutrition product information and help you select foods and products that are practical for your lifestyle. 

Leah can help you and your family on the journey to lifelong healthy eating.

Infant & Toddler Nutrition Packages

Are you confused by all of the conflicting advice on feeding your child?

How do I know when my child is ready to start solids? Should worry about food allergies? What types of foods and in what quantities can I feed? How do I know if my child is eating enough? How do I make my own food for my child?

Infant nutritionFeeding your child can be an exciting milestone and a big step for both child and parent. It can also be an overwhelming time with so much conflicting advice on the topic. Leah will guide you through the stages of feeding from infant to toddler and will answer your questions and concerns about feeding.

Both of the following packages contain an education session and a practical cooking session to equip you with the knowledge AND the skills to achieve your child’s optimal nutrition!

Infant Nutrition Package

The program is divided into two parts. In the first part of the program you will learn about infant development and feeding basics such the transition to solids, age-appropriate foods, and reading your child’s fullness and hunger cues. You will also learn to understand the importance of the Feeding Relationship and its impact on lifelong eating habits. The second half of the session is an interactive cooking session.  We will explore simple baby food recipes and you will learn how easy it is to make healthy, tasty meals without spending hours in the kitchen. You will take home a list of healthy recipes and snacks to help your child on the road to healthy eating.

Toddler Nutrition Package

This program is divided into two parts.  In the first part of the program you will learn how to feed your toddler to provide optimal nutrition.  Leah will also guide you through the challenges of feeding a toddler, such as food refusal or fussy eating, and provide solutions to help you get through these stages.  You will also gain an understanding about the Feeding Relationship, the Division of Responsibility and the importance of role modeling. The second half of the session is an interactive snack building session.  You will learn how to provide healthy homemade snacks that will leave you feeling confident that you won’t have to fill your pantry full of pre-packaged snack foods. You will take home a long list of quick and healthy snacks to ensure your child is on the road to healthy eating.

Group Nutrition Education

Leah is available to provide group nutrition education in the form of seminars and cook n’ learns, on numerous nutrition topics. Contact Leah to discuss your group’s specific needs.

Be sure to check the blog page for upcoming group seminars and cook n’ learns.

Grocery Store Tours

With over 40,000 product choices at your local grocery store, it’s no wonder people get confused when it comes to ‘filling their cart’. Have a nutrition expert personally guide you through your local grocery store and learn how to read labels and provide you with tips on choosing foods for optimal health. Tours are available for individuals, families and groups.

Virtual Counseling

If your schedule does not permit you to visit Leah at her office, or if you are not located in the Vancouver area, Leah can provide counseling via email, telephone and/or internet. She can create a highly effective "virtual" appointment that includes an initial nutrition assessment, personalized recommendations and follow up.

Media & Writing

If you are interested in having Leah write and article for your publication, conduct an interview, or comment on a nutrition topic of interest, please send details of your request to contact Leah .


If you are not sure which service would best suit your needs,

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